By Jennifer Lloyd

Hey, there! If you’re reading this blog, chances are you work in PR or want to work in PR. Or maybe you stumbled upon it by accident and now find yourself totally riveted. (It could happen.) Regardless of how you found us, we’re happy you stopped by.

Who are we? Say hello to the 2015-16 class of Sheridan College’s Public Relations/Corporate Communications Post-Graduate program. We created this blog as a way for us to comment on and explore the world of public relations. We also thought it would be a great opportunity for us to share our experiences as students of PR at Sheridan. Future students take note: there’s way more to PR than writing press releases.

We are an eclectic bunch with a diverse range of degrees. Some of us graduated recently, while others worked before deciding to switch gears. What we do have in common is our interest in PR.

Over the coming months you’ll find us blogging and tweeting about all things PR. Sharing our thoughts on what’s hot, what’s not, and everything in between. You’ll also get to know a bit more about us and why we chose to get into PR – we all have pretty great stories to tell.

I’ll go first. I’m one of the students who worked for a few years. Full disclosure: more than a few. Over the years I’ve held various editorial positions, and when I was ready for a new chapter, I started my own business. I fumbled my way through marketing until I had that light bulb moment when I realized I enjoyed promoting my store more than I enjoyed running it. I wanted to learn how to do this PR thing for real. With other people.

Fast-forward several months and here I am, an unemployed, store-less student once again. Complete with obligatory water bottle and parking pass.

I consider myself lucky to have worked with many incredible people in a number of great jobs. But right now, I’d say I’m even luckier to be surrounded by such an enthusiastic and ambitious group of classmates. Learning the ins and outs of PR with these people has made the transition back to student a seamless one. I can’t wait for you to meet them.

Living and breathing PR for the past two months, we already find ourselves looking at the world through a different lens. Enjoy the view.

Jennifer Lloyd,