By Sarah Clarke

The public relations industry has never been hotter. But trying to land a job in PR can be stressful, especially if you’re right out of college or university. Students worry about finding work in their field, and many are unsure of what they’ll have to do in an entry-level position. Let’s be clear, students and junior employees should expect to take on a wide range of roles.

An entry-level employee could be gathering employee information one day, and designing and preparing a brochure the next.

According to the folks at PRCrossing, as an entry-level staffer, you could be interacting with the community, planning events, assisting customers, preparing budgets, helping with media planning, and coordinating marketing and promotions activities on a day-to-day basis. You could also be working with more than one client, or even assisting a senior PR professional.

As well, many entry-level positions work on one specific aspect of a larger project. “These tasks typically centre on the gathering and/or compiling of data and writing or reporting,” reports the PRSA.

All these opportunities pave the way for recent graduates to jump into the vast world of PR and discover their passion.

Entry-level positions come with many titles: account assistant, special events assistant, media relations assistant, account coordinator. However you word it, your new role should be something to celebrate.

To prepare: Keep an eye out for employment opportunities and create a list of what potential employers are looking for. Figure out how to showcase your skills in a portfolio and prepare an answer you could use in a job interview.

Most importantly, try to find a position that works toward the goals (or at least some of them) of your dream job in PR.

Good luck!