By Cody Medwechuk

There were clear signs of change at the swearing-in ceremony for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet. The Liberal government is already making moves for a more transparent government as they embrace the latest tech to engage with today’s digital citizens.

The Liberal party has always had a strong presence on social media, and it appears this will continue with the Canadian government’s new PR tactics. Using a new platform like Periscope suggests a fresh start for a government that won’t be afraid to engage with followers on social media.

Periscope is a Twitter-owned company that allows users to live stream from their smartphones. It is all about following what is happening in the world right at this very moment. By offering a stream on Periscope, Trudeau is attempting to make young voters get more engaged with their government.

When Parliament returns in the first week of December, expect some innovative use of social media to keep voters, young and old, informed of the happenings in Ottawa.



[Image Source: Flickr @pmwebphotos]