By Cathrin Hughes

With our blog starting to pick up and our ninth week of classes now behind us, it feels like a great time to highlight some of the things that we’ve accomplished since we started off on this journey in September.

These last two months have been challenging, engaging and – most importantly – fun. Admittedly, I think a lot of us were quite intimidated entering into this program.

Speaking for myself, as a student with a degree in political studies, I was worried I’d find myself among a bunch of people who had “done” this before – essentially, communications grads galore. While we do have a smattering of them (they make great resources for us newbies!), the bulk of us come from diverse backgrounds. It works well, though, because we’re all bound by the same interest – we love to write, and we do it well.

Nathan Mallett, the new program co-ordinator, has done a fantastic job of easing us into our lives as PR post-grads. A seasoned journalist, he pushes us to constantly improve and fine-tune our writing skills, enabling us to produce clear, concise and effective communications, every damn time.

We’ve dabbled in a wide variety of subjects that are new to most of us, including performance techniques for media, law and ethics, and applied communications research. As we make our way through visual design, led by the delightful Eva MacNeil, we look forward to sharing samples of our peers’ beautiful and original works. The amount of talent in this class is downright impressive.

This new collaborative venture into social media is an exciting one that will allow us to showcase our skills in an engaging and wide-reaching fashion. Can you believe that our blog has already had visitors from other continents? We sure can’t – but we’re thrilled!

We continue to learn interesting things about the world of PR every day, and we look forward to sharing the rest of our journey with you all.