By Kristi Beaulieu

In a time when technology changes in the blink of an eye, public relations professionals find themselves continuously transitioning to keep up with the latest trends and techniques to best serve their clients.

Jennifer Maloney Adab and her new team at Brix Media Co. have gone beyond keeping up by establishing trends of their own.

Co-founder of Yulu Public Relations, Adab left the firm to launch Brix Media Co., Canada’s first integrated PR and online influencer marketing agency. With the belief that brands now have to navigate through a different media setting to successfully reach their target audiences, Adab told MarketingMag that she “had this vision of breaking into the influencer marketing area and kind of expanding the PR experience.”

Brix challenges the traditional ways of pitching and producing content, looking at alternatives like photo essays, videos with short yet effective scripts, and hashtags.

In addition, Brix is fully devoted to tech, startup, business and lifestyle brands that contribute to our society. For Adab and her team, the focus isn’t solely on profit but on benefiting the greater population, whether “it’s just making a product or market more affordable or more efficient.”

By doing so, they hope to spread public awareness about the benefits of combining modern social media innovation with the traditional press and strategic communications of public relations.


[Image Source: Pixabay]