By Meghan Giffin

Imagine you’ve been offered your dream job. But you have no idea what the salary looks like and you are afraid to ask.

No one likes to discuss money matters. We have been taught to shun the idea of conversations regarding cash. However, when it comes to your salary at a new job, it is crucial to get down to the nitty-gritty.

Salary negotiation is not a make-or-break situation. They want to hire you for a reason, and they should be willing to negotiate or, at the very least, talk about money.

What am I worth?
According to, the average starting salary for entry-level PR jobs in Toronto is $34,600.

Smaller organizations tend to pay a bit less, and larger organizations tend to pay more. The optimal price you want to look for is $40,000 per year to start. This equates to roughly $770 per week, or $20 per hour.

How will I get it?
It may seem like a bold move asking for a salary raise before you even start. Your instinct may be to settle with the $34,000. But the worst thing a potential employer can say is no.

The point of salary negotiations is the negotiation. They may come to you with $34,000, and you throw back $40,000. Their next move may be $36,000 and you can settle at $38,000. You will meet in the middle somewhere — and if not, at least you tried!

What happens next?
Your negotiation skills could enhance your professional brand with the employer, and eventually your salary will increase. It shows that you are bold and not afraid to discuss things that most people would never utter.

Everyone goes through salary negotiations. Don’t back away and don’t settle for less than you can afford. Take a positive approach to the situation without being too demanding. After all, the more positive and keen you are, the more your employer will be too.



[Photo credit: David Goehring/Flikr]