By Courtney Olmsted

Before I started my first job 15 years ago slinging lattes and cappuccinos, I spent days looking through the classifieds section of the local newspaper. Yes, the actual hard-copy newspaper. Crazy, right?

Things have changed since then. These days social media broadens our job searches exponentially. The various platforms came, and grew, and now we need to use them the best we can.

Business Insider reports that more than 94 per cent of recruiters use social media, particularly LinkedIn, to fill positions. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, powerful job board and search engine.

Here are 9 tips to boost your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Get creative.
    A LinkedIn profile can offer much more than a paper resume. Adding examples of previous work and presentations demonstrates your work capacity beyond just saying it.
  1. Make yourself easily searchable.
    Use key words that fit within your industry. Consider what recruiters are likely to search and fit this into your headline.
  1. Create a complete profile.
    Do not skimp out. According to Marie Claire UKcompleted profiles are seven times more likely to be viewed – 11 times more likely if they include a photo.
  1. Follow the companies you may want to work for.
    LinkedIn is about creating professional connections. This will allow you to get notifications when jobs are posted.
  1. Join industry groups.
    Get engaged in conversations happening in your field.
  1. Do your research.
    There is valuable information on LinkedIn about the companies you may want to work for and the people who may be hiring you. Do the detective work. Being in the know before walking into an interview will show you are serious about the position; this could set you apart from the other candidates.
  1. Get specific.
    Highlight specific skills targeted toward the job you want.
  1. Be personal when making connections.
    Rather than allowing the site to send its standard message when requesting to connect, send a brief, personal message that helps to forge a relationship.
  1. Look professional.
    Selfies and pictures from the bar on a Friday night are not going to do you any favours here.


Happy connecting!



[Photo credit: GotCredit on Flikr]