By Nathan Mallett

Hands on – it’s an idea that sums up the philosophy of the Sheridan College Public Relations and Corporate Communications program to a tee.

Students come to us each year for practical, real-world experiences that prepare them for careers as professional communicators. And Sheridan delivers.

Our curriculum is engineered to create fully functional grads who can think strategically, work tactically and fashion messages that really connect with audiences. The Sheridan PR Blog was built with all of this in mind.

Over the fall semester, the class of 2016 planned, designed and launched this site to aggregate news, trends and insights from the ever-changing world of PR and communications. Along the way, they’ve been honing their writing, editing, social media and digital storytelling skills – the very things employers tell us they are looking for.

Since going live just over one month ago, the students have posted more than a dozen articles and have attracted a considerable following on Twitter.

But of course the Sheridan PR Blog is a work in progress – watch for continuing coverage (and more of it) in the New Year.

Bookmark the site. Follow us on Twitter. There’s so much more to come.

Happy Holidays.

Nathan Mallett
Program Coordinator for Sheridan’s
Public Relations and Corporate Communications program.