By Alexandra Houston

Students from the class of 2016 have been hard at work honing their writing and design skills for pending futures in PR.

Despite the desperate need for our upcoming winter break to arrive, which hopefully will involve many healthy helpings of eggnog, our portfolios have been growing.

From a first encounter with press releases to a brief but committed romance with Adobe Illustrator, the class is growing in its strengths and combating any weaknesses with coffee and collaboration.

We learned about the importance of press kits, and the value of well presented information by designing fact sheets. Covering a variety of topics, including Newfoundland and Labrador tourism, flu prevention promotion and the Bellevue House in Kingston, Ontario, the fact sheets were beautifully designed and incredibly informative.

Cathrin created a professional and clean design about cold and flu prevention:



Cody created a gorgeous piece for the Bellevue House that made the whole class completely jealous:

cody fact sheet.jpg


Mischa also made a fact sheet about cold and flu, but from a refreshing angle:

mischa fact sheet.jpg