By Andrew Dmytrasz

If you have a great product, surely it will sell itself, right? Not always the case.

Take ili, for example, a translator you wear around your neck. Sounds great, so what went wrong with the advertising? Well, for starters, the commercial shows a man wandering around Japan asking women to kiss him.


Regardless of how the company chose to advertise, it clearly missed a great opportunity. Being able to travel and communicate on a basic level without having to learn a new language is miraculous.

A great commercial could have been made with typical tourist questions. Simply asking, “Where is the train station?” “Do you know a good place to get food?” or “How do I get back to my hotel?”

The company has since updated the ad to report the women in the video were all paid actresses. That doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable to watch. Perhaps the next PR campaign will show the real-world applications of ili – rather than promote it as a tool for creepy guys to hit on strangers.

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