By Jennifer Lloyd

It seems odd to be thinking about the fall in February. But if enrolling in Sheridan’s Public Relations: Corporate Communications program is on your radar, now’s the time to apply.

Why Sheridan? Our courses offer hands-on experience. With real clients. Be prepared to dig right into the world of corporate communications from the get-go. From writing to research to coming up with a stellar strategic plan, you’ll learn the skills employers look for. And they are looking. Many in our group have already lined up their internships for spring. A handful have even started!

Even if PR is not your thing, Sheridan offers more than 100 full-time diplomas, degrees and certificates. In fact, several of its programs are highly competitive. Hence why the college encourages prospective students to apply early for equal consideration.

As for CorpComm, the portfolios have already begun to pour in.



At Sheridan you’ll be surrounded by creative thinkers and learning from professors who are passionate about their field. There’s a reason Sheridan has been named one of Ontario’s leading post-secondary institutions. And future employers know it.

Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to take your communications career to the next level. Visit and submit your application online today.