By Heather Delph

Although October is breast cancer awareness month, the non-profit organization Rethink Breast Cancer makes knowledge, prevention and action a top priority year-round. 

Privy to the role social media plays in the lives of its target audiences, Rethink is using platforms such as YouTube to spread its message in ways that other organizations have struggled to. 

Using 30-second video ads inspired by fashion editorials, its campaign “Your Best Breast Health” aims to raise awareness by featuring beautiful men and women. 

“We wanted to tell the whole story of breast health in a fun way, and the original insight of using hot people to gather attention was still fitting, but we did want it to evolve,” says Alison Lawler-Dean, VP of marketing and communications at Rethink Breast Cancer.

As the organization’s name suggests, it has rethought breast cancer, or at least how to remarket the idea of awareness to millennials. 

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(Photo credit: Flickr/Mark J. Sebastian)