By Sarah Clarke

Employee engagement is becoming a focus for more organizations. As companies get larger, there is a bigger emphasis on employee morale and involvement. If you have been questioning whether or not this field is right for you, take a look below.

  1. You love communicating through different channels

Workplaces are more multi-generational than ever, increasing the need to communicate to your employees through multiple channels. Younger generations may prefer social media, while older generations may prefer a more pencil-to-paper approach. If you are up to the challenge and love communicating key messages through many different forms, this position may be for you.

    2. You like an individualized approach

One-size-fits-all techniques are old news. One of the most interesting parts of the job is that different internal audiences will need to be communicated with at different times, through different channels. Creating messages and ensuring that each is well understood and targeted towards the specific audience in mind is an important aspect of this position. Those who love tailored approaches do well in the internal communications field.

    3. You make serious business fun and exciting

Sometimes the internal aspects of a business can be less than riveting. New approaches such as infographics, videos and interactive newsletters make the information easier to read and more appealing. Creating these materials will make information more engaging for your audience and create a happier, more informed workplace.

    4. You enjoy peer-to-peer communication

The more traditional top-down approach can sound more directive than a two-way communication system. Peer-to-peer communications strategies open the conversation, allowing for employees to make suggestions and feel as though they are part of the company culture. This will increase employee morale and openness within the workplace environment.


(Image source: Flickr/Randi Rø)