By Amber Sajjad

Google is often portrayed as the embodiment of millennial-friendly work practices. The tech powerhouse reputedly has the most pampered employees around. In fact, 2015 marked its sixth time at the top of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list. It’s no wonder the company receives approximately 2.5 million resumes every year.

Along with benefits varying from medical and travel coverage to providing employees with their own individual space to be as creative as possible, Googlers are free to create their own work culture.

The company stays on top of its employee needs with its effective strategies to keep staff motivated and engaged. It has succeeded in establishing a strong brand, driven down cost per hire and forged strong bonds with its employees, who in turn have become Google’s personal ambassadors.

Employees play a major role in spreading the good word of what Google does. This goes to show that PR is not just an external tool but an internal one as well.

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