By Meghan Giffin

It is not often that students luck out by getting one of the coolest professors that Sheridan College has ever hired. Emily MacKenzie, once a public relations and corporate communications student herself, is now a highly respected professor in her alum program. Find out how she ended up back at Sheridan teaching what she loves most.


What led you to teach in this post-grad program?
Way back when I was in the program myself and sitting in the same desks our students are today, I had a dream to come back and teach in the program. This desire to teach stayed with me as I navigated my career and when the opportunity opened to come on board I jumped at it.


How long have you been involved in the post-grad program for?
This year marks my third year teaching in the program. I suspect that I have learned just as much as the students during this time!


What is your favourite part of teaching?
Hands down it is helping guide our students from novice communicators to my professional peers. Seeing our students succeed brings me huge satisfaction.


Do you often hear from graduates asking for any advice regarding their careers?
Hearing from our graduates is my second favourite part of teaching! I do hear from graduates frequently, sometimes asking for advice, but more often an excited note talking about how they have applied the skills they learned at school or to let me know about a promotion or amazing new project they are working on.


What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Taking a moment to breathe can change your perspective. Can I give you some advice? Believe in yourself. You can’t even begin to imagine the things you can accomplish if you believe in you.