By Brooke Horrobin

The public relations field continues to grow at a rapid pace, with many new positions being posted daily. Although this is a good thing for PR professionals, the competition for jobs has also been increasing steadily. Many job postings nowadays are online, which means if you don’t impress recruiters with your online application, you might not even make it to the interview.

Here are three surefire ways to set yourself apart from the competition when applying for a PR job.

  1. Make sure your resume is up to date and relevant.
    This step is crucial. Employers look at a resume for an average of seven seconds. Your background needs to stand out if you want to make sure your resume doesn’t get tossed. You want potential employers to see your relevant work experience immediately.
  1. Send a personalized cover letter that caters to the company/organization.
    Although employers don’t always read cover letters, many do. This is your chance to talk about your background in a personal way the employer will remember. Don’t forget to mention why you would like to work for that specific organization and why your skill set would be a perfect fit.
  1. Always follow up.
    You want the recruiters/employers to know that you’re serious about this job. Why should they pick you over the other 500 applicants? Following up with an email expressing your interest in the opportunity reminds them that you really care about the job. Plus it will help them to remember your name amongst the pile of other applications.