By Siobhan Hinksman

Many students return to the classrooms of Sheridan well rested and tanned after reading week. This is a good place to be leading into the final seven weeks of the semester.

In the last half of the term students will be working on midterms, assignments and final exams. I like to think of this part of the year as the last push.

We began in January fresh from the winter break, raring to go. We got the lowdown on our new courses, met our new professors and soon started tackling our first assignments.

Approaching reading week, the semester intensified. Multiple projects and unruly weather did not help our motivation.

However, things are now looking up!

The weather is finally co-operating and all our major assignments are in full swing — or will be soon. Everything is in place and organized and now it’s up to us to finish this.

The sun is shining and our pens and computers are ready to work. Let’s just put our brains together and really make this last half of the semester our best yet!


(Photo credit: Flickr/USMC Archives)