By Alexandra Sehl

What does the word brand bring to mind? Possibly a clothing company? Maybe a food company? You should be thinking about yourself. Your brand.

Branding is important because the better you know your brand, the more critically you can think about what you bring to the table. Your brand is what makes you unique. It is what you present to future employers to show the type of values you can add to their company.

Here are five aspects to help create your personal brand.

Vision and Purpose

Think externally. What global issues could you help to improve? Alternatively, what is one part of your life you want to see changed or improved? This is your vision.

Now think internally. How might you make this change real? What role might you play? This is your purpose.

Your values are the principles guiding you through life. They are things such as balance, agility, calmness, perseverance, drive, honesty, integrity, teamwork and zeal.

What do you enjoy? What is personally and professionally intriguing? What interests you? Fascinates you? Thrills you? These are your passions. Think of how they influence what you do and what you do well.

Research what competitors in your field have to offer. Think about what sets you apart. How can you add value to the company you are applying to?

Target Audience
Think about where you want to work, what kind of position you want and in what industry. Research high demand positions in that field and the attributes of potential employees.


Taking the time to invest in personal branding will set you apart from other applicants. The process will help you strategically think about the values you can add to the workplace, as well as to your personal life.

Check out and SelfBrand for more tips on creating a personal brand.



(Photo credit: Viktor Hanacek)