By Heather Delph

John Sylvan, inventor of the Keurig coffee pod system, admitted last year that not only does he not own one of the machines himself, but he actually regrets having invented the coffee brewer.

K-Cups, or single-serve coffee pods, contribute to landfills at an unpleasant rate.

Last month, it was announced that Hamburg, Germany, has become the first city to reject the use of single-use coffee pods.

“We want to avoid spending public money on products that are bad for our environment and that make it much harder to fight climate change and, on the other hand, to strengthen producers of goods that are much more favourable in order of ecological criteria,” explains Jens Kerstan, senator for the Hamburg Ministry for Environment and Energy.

While consumers may be reluctant to give up another modern day convenience, it is only a matter of time before other cities and countries follow Hamburg’s lead. Although recycling can curb the effects that the pods have on the environment, the real solution lies in using more sustainable options.

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(Photo credit: Flickr/m01229)