By Brooke Horrobin

So you’ve decided you want to work in public relations. You love the idea of a fast-paced working environment where new challenges could come your way at a moment’s notice. What you still can’t seem to figure out, however, is what type of PR suits your passion. Look no further!  

Here is a breakdown of the six main branches you could pursue.

  1. Non-Profit
    A PR career in non-profit entails working for a charitable organization. People who work here are passionate about the greater good and helping others. Responsibilities could include running charity events, fundraising, determining how to gain more sponsors and handling social media.
  1. Agency
    If you like extremely fast-paced work environments this is definitely the stream for you.  Agencies are great because you learn a lot in a short period of time. You will always be on the go with new projects for clients.
  1. Corporate
    Have you ever dreamed of representing the face of a big company? That dream can become a reality if you choose to work in the corporate sector. Remember to keep your chin up in a crisis — that could happen at any time in this world.
  1. Government
    If your interest is politics or the public sector, this stream would be a good fit. Government jobs usually go hand in hand with a good salary and great benefits. Another perk: keeping up with current events and trends.
  1. Media/Entertainment
    Look into the entertainment industry if celebrity gossip and movies are your thing. Who knows? You could be the publicist for your favourite celeb someday!
  1. Sports
    Have a love of the game? If you live and breathe athletics, sports PR could be a winner. Handling promotion for a professional team, attending games and working for the players are all possibilities in this field.


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