By Andrea Sologuren

We all know school is important, but relevant work experience is the cherry on top. Everyone needs that first stepping stone that will open doors to an exciting career in PR.

For the past 22 weeks we have learned the dos and don’ts of PR. Soon we’ll be putting those practices to the test as interns.

But what about those of us who have never worked in communications before? Not a problem! Sheridan has designed Public Relations: Corporate Communications to bridge that gap by giving students hands-on experience with actual clients.

In the fall we conducted a research project for an organization of our choice. This semester we are once again working for a real-world client to create a strategic communications plan to help them achieve their PR goals.

First we researched and contacted a client, then we proposed the idea of offering free research and fresh communication perspectives. It has been a challenging and exciting process, but most importantly, it has sharpened our skills and broadened our professional network.

It is one thing to store academic theory in your mind and another to see it come alive as you apply that knowledge in real-life scenarios.

As soon-to-be PR professionals, we are lucky to have been equipped with the tools and experience necessary to step into the professional world with confidence.