By Kristi Beaulieu

Event production plays a big role in the way public relations coordinators deliver new campaigns and products to media representatives. Hosting unique events with innovative ideas can make all the difference in generating the excited buzz and public awareness companies want.  

Social media account director Nikki Little identifies six ways to get more creative when putting together your event to help it get noticed. Highlights of Little’s ideas follow:

  1. Connect to social media accounts associated with the event.
    Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn allow people of the media to connect with one another on what events they should be attending and what to look forward to. Not only does this get the conversation started, but it also creates relationships prior to the event. 
  2. Partner with an influencer who has strong connections within the industry.
    Having an influencer who has a strong connection to the industry of the company you are representing makes the partnership appear natural and creates the possibility of reaching audiences outside of the company’s knowledge. 
  3. Use social media channels to host live chat events that create additional conversation related to the company and event.
    Invite people to participate in chats with company spokespeople with the help of hashtags and Twitter handles associated with the event. 
  4. Generate online conversation prior to the event in order to find a hot topic on everyone’s mind that can be discussed in an open panel at the event.
    Not only will this generate great visibility and branding for your client online, but it will also show media that you have a strong relationship with their audiences. 
  5. Use video to draw attention from people at the event and those following along online.
    Technology is a significant tool that can be used to network and create an online presence. Share messages through Periscope or have teaser videos playing throughout the event with the brand’s message. 
  6. Add creative and interactive elements to your event in order to encourage attendees to visit and share with their audiences.
    Having booths set up for media to try the products, take photos and share their experience online is a great method to get people involved and have fun.

Having the right tools can make all the difference in helping PR professionals create an effective event for their clients.


(Picture by Kristi Beaulieu 2016)