By Balveer Singh

With the growth of the Internet, the PR industry now has many new ways to get its story out to the world. Think social media, blogs and YouTube to name a few. Aspiring PR professionals need to acquire these skills to stay in the race and keep pace with the changing industry.

Understanding social media
The PR professional of tomorrow has to be very efficient with social media. The importance of social media in getting a story out and making it go viral is huge. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat are being used by companies to access their customer base. These web-based tools should be mastered by anyone who wants to be successful in PR.

Using visual cues effectively in your campaign
These days people’s attention spans have shortened and the emphasis falls on visual elements to get a message across. Companies can use YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat to reach wider audiences that appreciate short videos and pictures more than mere text. An understanding of photo and video editing software would set you apart from the pack.

Managing teams virtually
Many companies operate on a global scale, making it very difficult to have a face-to-face conversation with the entire team. Multinational businesses often handle their teams virtually. Platforms such as intranets, Skype and conference calls become day-to-day operations. Being well-versed in these areas is another asset going into the workplace.


(Photo credit: Flickr/Yoel Ben-Avraham)