By Amber Sajjad

Always, a key player in the feminine product market, has stepped up its game. When Procter & Gamble realized that its brand’s purpose was not apparent to a potential generation of consumers, it decided to build a new, fresh and meaningful campaign, which would resonate with a new audience.

The goal of the “Always #LikeAGirl: Turning an Insult into a Confidence Moment”  campaign was to empower young females. The program was a huge success and has been recognized for its efforts. Not only did the campaign win a 2015 Emmy for Outstanding Commercial, it also leveraged the brand’s legacy of supporting girls as they make the transition into adulthood.

The campaign achieved nearly five billion impressions around the globe, Always’ Twitter followers increased by 195.3 per cent and ultimately campaign efforts landed the company the PR Grand Prix award at the Cannes Lions ceremony in 2015.


Always excelled in creating a positive and emotional connection with its consumers through the means of an innovative, yet simplistic campaign video. It just might be the corporation’s best PR win yet.


(Photo source: Unsplash)