By Myles Herod

The era of the “most interesting man in the world” has come to an end.

In a released statement, beer brewer Dos Equis has dismissed slumping sales or a dry well of quotable one-liners as its reason to retire the beloved Hemingway-esque globetrotter.

Andrew Katz, vice president of marketing, concedes the time has come for an image overhaul, explaining, “Culture has changed very dramatically. We’re viewing this as an opportunity to bring new users along with us.”

It was a good run any which way you cut it. Business has tripled since the iconic campaign’s inception in 2006. Its success hinged on the fact that the public not only tolerated the 40-second ads, they actually sought them out.

From YouTube videos to memes, the infectious variations of “I don’t always [X], but when I do, I [Y]” were ripe for virality. Granted, the grandfatherly gusto of actor Jonathan Goldsmith and his Don Juan alter ego didn’t hurt either.

Outlandish until the very end, the beer brewer’s send-off was literally just that, giving its most famous creation a one-way ticket to Mars. Complete with his own #AdiosAmigo hashtag.


What now remains is a campaign that can be studied for its unflappable success. If there’s one takeaway for others to absorb, it’s create a campaign that’s original, a little unorthodox and bite-sized for Internet consumption.

(Photo credit: Flickr/Jinx!)