By Elisabeth Axiak

As we know, the PR world is an ever-evolving landscape. Communications professionals are constantly coming up with new ways to promote a brand and engage the public. Even though we’re only three months into 2016, there have already been some amazing campaigns launched. Here are three of the best so far.

1. Creed comes to the London Underground
The newest movie from the Rocky series, Creed, hit theatres in January. In order to get the public excited about the premiere, a team was set up in the Chancery Lane underground station in London. As riders exited the station using the stairs instead of the escalators, in true Rocky fashion, a live brass band played the film’s motivational theme song. When the subway-goers reached the top of the stairs, they were greeted by people dressed as trainers who enthusiastically congratulated them on making it to the top. You couldn’t ask for a better start to your day.


2. “The Dilemma” – by Heineken
This funny and heartwarming commercial pulls on the love of sports, beer, and most of all, friendship. It follows an Italian man, Simone, who is faced with the horrible dilemma of having to choose between a VIP ticket to see his favourite football team live, or to continue the tradition of watching with his best friends on their couch. He chooses friendship after all, and, with the help of Heineken, ends up with the best seats in the house.


3. HBO’s Game of Thrones ad
HBO always takes things to the next level. To promote the DVD release of Game of Thrones: The Complete Fifth Season, it did something truly extraordinary. With the help of over 50 people in the U.K.’s textile industry, HBO created a six-by-four-metre depiction of what it calls “one of the most intense battle scenes in TV history” — the massacre of Hardhome. The massive installation was shown off for one weekend only in London. Only HBO could make embroidery terrifying.


With nine months remaining in the year, we’re sure to see more amazing PR campaigns in 2016. Which brand will wow us next?