By Cody Medwechuk

There’s no denying that Apple has mastered the magic of a product announcement. Ever since the launch of the iPod in 2001, Apple’s product launches have become the most anticipated media events of the year.

What goes into the planning?
Apple usually finds a venue big enough to seat a large group of media. This event was a little different as they stayed on the Apple Campus. The Town Hall venue holds about 300 people.

Media invitations go out just a few weeks before the event. The information is minimal and the slogan gets the buzz started, “Let us loop you in.”

Apple’s keynotes are one of the most watched live streams on the Internet. Every recent event has streamed online and on Apple TV, allowing further reach to media and customers alike.

The event was scheduled for 10 a.m., so Apple offered a breakfast buffet to reporters. This works to get the media arriving early and keeps them happy with a full belly.

Addressing the elephant in the room
Naturally, the media was expecting to hear about its stance on the FBI case. “We will not shrink from this responsibility,” said Tim Cook as he started the keynote with a few words about the case.

Truth behind the PR
Every moment on stage is planned precisely so the company portrays the image it wants the media to see. It’s a carefully crafted PR presentation and Apple started by showing off its commitments to the environment and health care.

Even though Apple is flexing its PR muscle, it’s easy to believe that it wants to change the world in responsible ways. Apple always had strong values, which positively affect its PR image.  

Hands-on with the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7″
The hands-on area makes the biggest impact on the press. This lets them play around with the devices, offer first look pictures and even make hands-on videos for their websites. Apple PR gets its first big push from the coverage in the hands-on section.

Small details, big impact
What can we take away from this Apple event? The attention to detail stretches to every part of the event. From the invitations, to the breakfast. From the keynote, to the hands-on. Even rain protocols were put in place for the sunny California climate.

Apple’s attention to detail works with products and performances, putting its PR team ahead of the competition.