By Kristi Beaulieu

As March came to a close, we said goodbye to another highly publicized South by Southwest (otherwise known as SXSW), an annual media event in Austin, Texas.

SXSW is comprised of three separate events taking place throughout the month of March: a music festival, a film conference and a series of interactive panels that allow individuals to display their work.

It’s also a time when many PR professionals gather to discuss the latest and greatest in technology and social media. They also challenge each other to approach innovative platforms with their new campaigns to maintain relevance in the fast-paced world of PR. According to Adam Scholder of PR firm Porter Novelli’s experience at SXSW, the event becomes an introduction to PR for many with an exclusive tutorial into PR 101.

At this year’s conference, Scholder discovered that Public Relations might be taking a trip back in time to deliver a message the right way and to the right people — it just takes a little extra elbow grease and effort to do it.

Creative mailers and press kits were presented as creative ways to catch a reporter’s attention regardless of the use of innovative social media updates or highly requested technological skills. Scholder saw it as a way of reverting “to some tried and true tactics that PR professionals from the ‘80s and ‘90s used to help their clients.”

PR professionals can take away more from SXSW than just great music and new film creations. They can also learn that sometimes being innovative can mean scaling back on how you produce and deliver content to the media. By doing so you allow more room for creativity and the opportunity to create smart, targeted media plans for your audiences.