By Patricia Dabrowski

As we near the end of the semester, it’s time to reflect on how PR has affected our lives outside of the classroom. While many of us entered this program already possessing the skills to make it big in PR, we have honed and polished them to perfection as the year progressed.

Here are five ways living as part of Sheridan PRCC has affected our daily lives.

1. Spelling Sticklers
We now have eyes for every single spelling and grammar mistake. We find ourselves scrolling through our social media picking at every CP-style violation in existence. (Note to Jessica from Grade 10 science class: Your vacation to Mexico is in T minus three days, not 3.)

2. Event Planning Gurus
We’ve taken over our friends’ event planning, complete with critical paths, budgets and site checks. There’s no event too big or too small for us at this point, and we find ourselves more organized than ever when planning big nights.

3. Social Media Junkies
We find ourselves checking our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages way more than before in anticipation of how many retweets and likes we were able to get on our latest posts. Learning the importance of relaying a message via social media has led to most of us starting fresh blogs, sprucing up our LinkedIn profiles, working on our tweet game and increasing our social media presence altogether.

4. Key Message Masters
We couldn’t be more calm about facing a sudden issue or crisis. Having tons of practice composing the perfect words to say, we know there is nothing a solid key message can’t solve. Crisis averted!

5. Interview Experts
We have built up the knowledge on how to win an interview. Our portfolios, notebooks and knowledge of companies make for a great first impression, and we feel more prepared than ever to face the industry.