By Monica Aza

The ability to multi-task is a frequent requirement in the world of public relations. It is expected that most PR pros are adept at juggling the many jobs thrown at them on a daily basis. Multi-tasking can be tricky. But who said you had to do it alone? Your smartphone can help. Whether you’re iPhone or Android, here are some apps you need in your arsenal.

Asana is a great tool to stay on track with upcoming projects and deadlines. The app is perfect for team projects as you are able to assign tasks to other users — making it easy to see who is responsible for what roles within the team. Asana also keeps track of the progress made per project.

Buffer is just one of the many content management (CM) services you can use to schedule social media posts. Buffer is free, simple to use and has a user-friendly design. It’s easy-to-learn design is perfect for the CM novice. The app provides options to schedule tweets and Facebook posts. Buffer also offers basic analytics for social media posts.

Feedly is a great app to arrange all the web content that interests you. Simply log on, choose the publications, blogs or even YouTube channels you want, and Feedly will do the rest. The app will provide you with a timeline of your chosen content, and it’s updated everyday. It is also a good way to familiarize yourself with publications you may not know very well.

If you’re looking for something to do then make sure you check out Eventbrite. All you have to do is enter a desired location, and Eventbrite will compile a list of events going on in the area. Events are generally targeted to young professionals — information sessions, workshops, networking events and mixers, to name a few. Events can also be tailored to specific interests with categories ranging from arts and culture to business, science and tech.

What are your preferred apps?
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