By Maria D’Alessandro

The In2 Innovation summit, a global network of events exploring innovation and redefining influence and engagement for PR brands and agencies, took place on Sept. 28, 2016. The conference featured a discussion by MSLGroup (worldwide PR agency), on the ‘new influence’, which examined consumer engagement and innovation.

MSLGroup CEO Guillaume Herbette and chief influence strategist Erin Lanuti were interviewed ahead of the event. In the course of the interview, entitled In2 Summit: The Future of PR Depends on Collaborative Marketing, the two discuss some of the forces that are changing public relations today, how consumers engage with brands, and how PR is evolving.

“The future of public relations is being defined by innovations and technologies that build richer and more experiential forms of communication like virtual reality and simplify and improve brand engagement.”
– Erin Lanuti

Herbette and Lanuti go on to discuss how communications are changing in today’s digital world and what the implications are for PR firms. Herbette believes that PR firms need to be working closely with specialists in the creative, advertising, analytics and research spheres in order to create a more holistic approach to communication. Read the full interview here.

(Photograph by Cydcor via Flickr, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 License.)