By Gagan Sidhu

Many people—especially those who work outside the industry—think they know exactly what PR is about: researching clients, spinning a story, writing press releases, and reaching out to the media. However, PR captures the desire to gain a better understanding and support for representing clients, as well as it helps influence opinion and behaviour. It encompasses attitudes that build, maintain and manage a client’s reputation.

The following are 5 that every PR professional loves about the industry:

  1. Opportunities

It’s raining opportunities here! Whether you are interested in science, politics, business or government, PR is an industry with many doors to endless opportunities. The innovative nature of the industry is invigorating. Great ideas and strategic thinking can truly help you carve out a niche and merge personal and professional interests.

  1. Stability

Only a few careers can claim continued growth during an economic recession. Public relations jobs consistently rank as top careers in national media polls, government census statistics, industry associations and business analyst reports.

  1. Learning

You never stop learning! Public relations requires a great deal of intellectual curiosity. Whether you’re conducting research for a new project, resolving a client issue, or interacting with the industry’s assortment of characters, (colleagues, clients, journalists, consumers, etc.) you become more of a conductor than a soloist.

  1. Impact

Lead by example! There is nothing more rewarding than helping an organization overcome business challenges. Every day is fun and different. There are numerous instances in which public relations helps to raise awareness, acquire funding, and educate audiences about a variety of issues, causes and organizations.

  1. Results

There is great satisfaction in seeing the results of your hard work! Research is paramount to tracking the success of a PR campaign. Whether you gain followers or see an increase in website traffic, knowing that you are the reason your client or company has achieved its goal is incredibly satisfying.

(Photo from Joe the Goat Farmer via Flickr)