By Léa Salameh

It is no secret that YouTube has been a major PR platform for the past few years now. Why this specific platform, you ask?

Simply because YouTube is home of the influencers!

YouTube has created an opportunity for PR strategists to shift from using traditional celebrity endorsements to engaging the influencers’ authentic audiences.

John Harrington, editor at PRWeek UK, mentions in his article ‘New influencers: changing the face of PR and marketing’ that “Authentic is a word frequently associated with new influencers, who are eager not to damage their own brands with crass tie-ins.”

In fact, many claim that celebrity endorsements simply do not generate the same quality of audience engagement as when an influencer is involved.

When a ‘YouTuber’ reviews a certain product, it is not an endorsement. Instead, it is a “trusted peer-to- peer recommendation.” The recommendation gives a sense of intimacy to the brand and therefore adds a personal touch that consumers can appreciate.

In the article, head of influence and advocacy at Mischief PR Lucy Hart said, “consumers feel as though they are friends with these influencers. Their videos, their snaps and their open-door policy make consumers feel like they’re accessing authentic advice, tips and recommendation from one of their peers.”

Whether the trend of influencers will persist or not, one cannot deny the impact it has in the PR industry.

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(Photo by NKR Beta via Flickr)