[By Kelly McGuire]

What do the prime minister of Canada and a young Hollywood star have in common? They share a voice in the fight for gender equality.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made his stance on gender equality very clear, early on. His candid “because it’s 2015” comment complete with shrug, demonstrated the newly elected prime minister’s commitment to equality. Another individual committed to promoting gender equality is young actor and influencer, Emma Watson.

As a goodwill ambassador for UN Women, Watson is a representative in the worldwide fight for gender equality. In 2014, she helped to launch the ongoing HeForShe campaign, which aims to focus on the importance of men taking a stand against gender inequality. The campaign has utilized Watson’s celebrity status to draw attention to the cause.

Trudeau attended the campaign’s second anniversary event on Sept. 20, 2016, where he was named HeForShe Champion for Youth Engagement. During his speech, the prime minister thanked Watson for using her influence to promote such an important cause. The two met again to discuss the campaign during Watson’s recent visit to Ottawa to attend the One Young World Summit.

From a PR perspective, Trudeau is displaying integrity by taking action to support the promises he has made. His image as a young and progressive prime minister is reflected in the support he lends to the fight for gender equality. By teaming up with Watson and the HeForShe campaign, Trudeau is solidifying his image as a youth-focused leader. In a nation such as Canada, where diversity and equality are key elements of our cultural identity, this commitment is a big PR win.

(Photo by Tomy1978 via Pixabay)