[By Alexandria Horvat Becevello]

After thousands of reports of the Note 7 catching fire while charging, Samsung has decided to pull the smartphone off the shelves for good, leaving themselves with a large tab. The recall will cost Samsung approximately $5.3 billion in losses in the upcoming months.  Now, Samsung Electronics has come up with a safe and effective way for customers to return their devices – a fireproof box.

On October 11th, the South Korean company announced that they would discontinue production of the smartphone due to a manufacturing defect in the battery. They have advised their customers to send back their original and replacement devices to the original place of purchase. Samsung has decided to take every precaution necessary, and are offering customers prepaid fire-resistant packages to return their defective devices.

According to a YouTube video from the account “XDA Developers”, the fireproof kit includes a static shield bag in which you are required to insert your Note 7, as well as protective gloves for handling the device. Customers are asked to insert this bag into the “OEM replacement box”, which will then be placed into the “inner box”, and then placed into the “thermal protective box”. The ultimate concern for the shipping of the devices is the fear of it catching fire while being shipped back to the Samsung distribution center. This fireproof box is specifically designed to handle a “damaged defective lithium ion battery” and is only available for ground transport.

If your Note 7 was purchased on Samsung.com, this shipping option will be available to those only in the United States. Customers in Canada will be sent an e-mail with instructions on how to proceed with the return of their phone, or they may click here for further information.

(Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr)