[By Maria D’Alessandro]

Who wouldn’t want to step into a scene from their favourite TV series? Well, thanks to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, fans can do just that. Streaming services are beginning to partner with television shows in order to create pop-up shops where fans can experience what it is like to be a part of their favourite television show for a few hours.

The much anticipated revival of a classic coming of age series about a mother-daughter duo navigating their way through life, is quickly approaching. Netflix will be airing a four-part reboot of the adored mother-daughter series, Gilmore Girls, this November. In the month leading up to the premier of Gilmore Girls, Netflix partnered with over 200 North American coffee shops, and converted them into the shows famous “Luke’s Diner”. The show’s characters can often be found sipping coffee at the diner throughout the series.

Even though Netflix is a streaming service that operates completely online, it used a savvy and innovative promotional strategy to gain the fan’s attention for the upcoming Gilmore Girls season. This is an inventive way for Netflix to promote their original content and garner publicity. Netflix is starting to step away from the usual social media blasts route to promote their original content. Instead, they have done something that will grab the attention of established fans, while also making headlines as an innovative way of promoting original content. By allowing long-time fans of the series to step into the Gilmore Girls world for a split second, they have raised excitement and anticipation for the upcoming revival. This has also been a sensible public relations move, as Netflix is constantly pushing to try new ways to promote their original content and partnerships.

This isn’t the first time Netflix and other streaming services, such as Hulu, have created pop up shops for publicity. Netflix had previously set up pop-up “Central Perk” shops to promote the TV series “Friends” being available for streaming. Similarly, Hulu created a pop up of Jerry’s apartment from “Seinfeld” to promote their partnership with the show. Streaming services are becoming increasingly innovative when trying to draw attention to their services. Netflix and Hulu are giving the audience what they want: to be a part of the fictional world they know and love. Netflix’s innovative PR strategy has helped catch attention and increased excitement for the revival of a coming of age show that has been adored by many, and will be for years to come.

(Photo by @jennifurwoods via Instagram with owner’s permission)