[By Alexander Thompson]

Not everyone has the time to anxiously await sending out that hit tweet at the perfect time of day, let alone be able to do it consistently on schedule. Thankfully, technology has saved the day with the creation of a social media content or editorial calendar. A social media calendar essentially documents the content you or an organization plans to share via social media, and at its simplest can be used to create a list of your planned posts.

So why utilize a social media calendar? Ultimately, its purpose is to save you time, as websites such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite are capable of posting at pre-determined times to reach your peak audience. Furthermore, consistency in social media presence is key to strengthening your personal brand awareness.

Creating a social media calendar is relatively simple and will differ depending on your social media venue. In particular, you must ensure that the format of your social media post reflects the venue itself. For example, pictures are necessary for an Instagram post, while Twitter users would be more receptive to multiple hashtags in place. Planning ahead is a way to ensure that your audience is receiving your message in the best possible way. Give yourself some time to write out your key messages and always be aware of your audience. Lastly, never just prep and forget, especially if your post was prepared weeks in advance. Your post content could either have evolved into a whole other topic, no longer be post-worthy, or possibly no longer be well-received by your audience.

Altogether, social media calendars are meant to compliment your work schedule and allow you to reach out to your audience at your own convenience. If you truly wish to increase your brand awareness, then a social media calendar is meant for you.

(Photo by William Iven via Unsplash)