[By Marta Awad]

Working in public relations evokes thoughts of hounding journalists to write your story, long hours and after work cocktails. Is it still like that? It is in some firms but the game is changing. Millennials are entering the field of public relations and they’re looking for their own version of success.

The advent of digital communications has changed the landscape. You don’t need to get on the front page of Huffington Post to get noticed. You could make a video on YouTube for free and go viral. Better yet, scrap the newspaper world altogether and create your own online newsroom.

So is there a place in public relations for a social media native who swears off everything mainstream like you? Absolutely.

Smaller agencies like 88 Creative and 2Social Agency are taking advantage of the power of social media and online technology. They prove that a small, close-knit team can create powerful campaigns. Here are some skills you could gain from working in a small digital minded agency:

  • Communications, research and media relations strategy
  • Web design and development
  • Content curation, creation and management
  • Analytics, SEO and social media monitoring

Imagine learning all that and more with a close group of people who understand the struggles of being a graduate in the 21st century because they’ve gone through it themselves.

Here are some creative agencies that focus on public relations, communications and digital marketing. Consider this list when looking for internships, placements or jobs:

88 Creative
Pound & Grain
Jive PR

For a list of agencies, big and small here is a great compilation of Toronto based firms, Digital Agency Network.

(Photo by Unsplash via Pexels)