[By Muluba Habanyama]

For those of us embarking in a career in PR, we know all too well the investment we have to make in order to succeed. I’m very quick to purchase a meal or a cute dress, but when it comes to a binder or an office item, I weep as I swipe my credit card. This holiday season, why not ask for a gift that may seem boring but assists your career in the long run, and saves you a bit of money. As a PR professional, here is my holiday wish list:

  1. Agenda/Day Planner
    Effective planning is one of the most important PR skills. Having a day planner on hand helps manage time, decrease stress, and evaluate progress.
  2. Hard Drive
    The importance of file security cannot be overstated. While constantly saving and creating backups can be a hassle, the biggest hassle of all is to lose all of your data. A hard drive is a secure way to store and share information, and while they can be pricey, an expensive one can store large volumes of data and last almost forever.
  3. Business Attire
    For some, shopping can be an overwhelming burden, especially when you’re doing it in advance of that life-changing interview. Help your PR professional stand out by assisting them with neutral pieces of clothing that give them the confidence they need to nail the meeting.
  4. Business Card Holder
    Instead of your PR professional stuffing their cards into their pockets, why not give them a stylish way to store them? A card holder is a sleek gift, and the person receiving the business card thinks, “This person is important!”.  A fun idea would be engraving the holder with the recipient’s name and an inspiring message.
  5. Smart Phone & Accessories
    Smart phones are an essential communication tool, especially for those in the PR field. While your gift recipient may already own one, they may benefit from a newer one, with more storage and excellent camera quality. Accessories for the phone are also a great gift idea! A power bank that serves as a portable charger for those “low battery” moments will never go unappreciated.

(Photo by Muluba Habanyama)