[By Julia Main]

This Black Friday, outdoor clothing company Patagonia is taking drastic measures to counteract the greed and materialism often associated with the day after American Thanksgiving. Earlier this week, the company announced that it will donate 100% of its Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental groups. Donation recipients include almost 800 organizations worldwide who are fighting to protect natural resources such as water, air, and soil. Sales from Patagonia’s 80 stores across the globe and online store are expected to surpass $2 million on Black Friday.

This is a strong PR move for Patagonia because it aligns with the company’s environmentally-friendly identity. The company already donates 1% of its daily global sales to organizations with an environmental focus, amounting to over $7 million over the last fiscal year. Aside from its yearly donation, Patagonia also exhibits a commitment to corporate social responsibility through its partnerships with organizations such as the Conservation Alliance and Fair Labour Association.

According to Lisa Pike Sheehy, vice president of environmental activism at Patagonia, the company came up with the idea following the U.S. election. While the company has not made any overtly political statements, the donation may be their way of protesting president-elect Trump’s lack of concern for the environment.

“The threats facing our planet affect people of every political stripe, of every demographic, in every part of the country,” said Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario in a company blogpost.

“We all stand to benefit from a healthy environment.”

(Photo by Fermin Rodriguez Penelas via Pexels)