[By Taylor Kolar]

Facebook’s new market strategy details plans to take over the business world. Facebook’s goal is for organizations to use Workplace as their primary office communication tool. In a recent article, Kerry Flynn wrote: “Workplace is Facebook’s big entry into software as a service that offers businesses a network for communication, including a news feed of announcements, events, group and private messaging, and live video.” Facebook believes this is the natural progression for their company since so many employees across the world already use the tool at work.

Facebook is taking popular components from their original site and using these aspects to structure a service that is catered towards an office’s needs and everyday business. For those wondering, employees’ personal profiles will remain separate from their professional profiles. Workplace does not endorse advertising or in-app games. The site’s primary focus is on functionality and how they can aid employees’ performance. Olafur Hand, the marketing head of a shipping and logistics company in Iceland, said: “We value Workplace’s accessibility; everybody gets the same information, at the same time.” Workplace also includes many other advantages such as auto-translation so that foreign workers can understand each other’s posts and communicate efficiently. Facebook is confident in Workplace’s progression; it has since announced a significant increase in users per day.

(Photo by FirmBee via Pixabay)