[By Alex Thompson]

Kate Taylor is a professor at Sheridan College, teaching the classes of Law and Ethics as well as Crisis Communications. She is also a ten-year veteran at TD who has just recently taken on the new role Senior Manager of Communications, Employee Experience and Creative Services. She graduated from the University of Waterloo with a B.A. in Communications, and followed with the postgraduate program in Corporate Communications at Seneca College.

Why did you choose to go into PR?

It simply comes down to my love of helping people communicate with other people. To be able to draw the connection of messages between two groups, regardless of how far the gap in perspective is. What I often keep in mind is a means to facilitate and ensure a positive experience for as many, if not all, stakeholder groups involved.

What advice would you give future PR professionals?

Be awesome at what you do and know what that means to you; always go above and beyond.

Your previous role as Senior Manager for Corporate Communications – Real Estate Secured Lending at TD was unique in that you worked with planning and formatting internal and external communications. What are some considerations taken when working with both audiences in your key messaging?

From a message development point, the themes stay the same for both audiences and therefore, the key messaging is generally the same. Considerations are different in that external messaging deal with media and public perception. It’s always important to remember who your primary audience is and be sure to draft your messages in a way that audience will understand.

You’ve been working at TD for a little over a decade now. How did you get started there and what is it that keeps you coming back day after day?

I was first introduced into the possibility of working at TD through the recommendation of a friend. Why it is that I’ve stayed there is an easy answer, and that’s because I believe that they are genuinely committed to being a good corporation. They take a proactive and positive role on corporate social responsibility, such as their community support initiatives with the LGBTQ community. They allow flexibility in my work schedule, which is how I am able to teach classes in the middle of a work week, and just as importantly, they accommodate me in my personal life and my interests.

(Photo by Kate Taylor)