[By Marta Awad]

“Network, network, network!” is how many employers answer when a graduate asks how to get hired. But the workspace is changing. It’s becoming more remote, digital and fast-paced. This trend is translating into how employers look for new staff. They want to see that you’re tech savvy and on top of trends. Establish an online presence, join online communities and engage.

For new graduates and millennials, networking offline isn’t enough, you have to get online. Digital networking is an important tool; in this article are some online resources and tips for you to get started.

  • Twitter – Join chats, share content of people in the role you want to be in and engage. Many employers are using Twitter to find applicants. Type in #hiring and select “more options” then choose “Near You”. You’ll find a whole a list of jobs. Most are in the media, PR, communications and digital marketing fields.
  • LinkedIn groups – Join groups of interest, engage in discussions within groups and add individuals to your network by selecting connect. Many employers join groups related to their fields and post jobs under the “Job” section of a group. You can also check the discussions tab in a group as some employers discuss potentially hiring or post internship positions.
  • 10,000 Coffees – Meet people in your profession and connect with them through social media. You can also take the relationship a step further by meeting for coffee.
  • com – Great way to find events, workshops and online discussions about topics in your field. Use this tool to find more people to add to your LinkedIn and Twitter networks.
  • Online Resume/portfolio – Use sites like Visual CV or WordPress to build an online resume and portfolio. Post your work online and then use Twitter and LinkedIn to promote yourself to your networks.
  • Angel List – Create a profile so employers can match with you and contact you about potential jobs. This resource is especially great for recent graduates. Most of these employers are from small, start-up companies comprised of staff who have recently graduated.

So is it still relevant to go to job fairs, meet employers for coffee and attend social networking events? It probably is. But it’s no longer the only way to get a career.

Put your social media skills to use when looking for a job. The goal is to connect with people in your field, share content and put your name out there.

(Photo by Tim Gouw via Pexels)