[By Sharon Oseivhi]

All aboard the PRCC train! With no signs of slowing down, week 12 is proving to be no exception. We are knee deep and there is no turning back. Being a PRCC student is anything but glamorous. Being in a program that is so demanding and full of action, one must have the confidence and strength to continue to push on. This is not an ordinary program. It is meant to train students in effective writing, knowing our audience, expressing ourselves through various outlets as well as learning to work in a group setting. If all this appeals to you, then maybe this program is meant for you.

A typical Monday in this program begins with someone like myself waking up at five in the morning to get to campus by eight in the morning for our first class of the day, which is Writing for Public Relations 1. Class durations are usually 3 hours long. Sometimes we get lucky and finish a whole hour early! But aside from the off chance of that happening, class is done at 11 a.m.

That gives you an hour to eat, quickly finish an assignment or reading, and heck, grab one or two drinks at the campus bar (it’s four in the afternoon somewhere, right?).

At 12 p.m., we proceed to our next class, which is Career Management for PR Practitioners.

I know, the title of these classes may not sound intriguing, but the purpose of a class like this one is to prepare us for our internships that will take place in the second semester. It covers everything from resumes and cover letters to how to be a freelance professional. It allows us to bounce ideas off each other as well as allowing for open discussions which are quite fascinating.

Once class concludes at three, we get all giddy like little school children, ready to go on and conquer some more assignments in our busy school life. There are some days where the struggle to keep going is very real, but we manage to pull through because we know the end is very near. Even though classes are done for the day, we still have other assignments to complete. Whether it is a group assignment, some readings, or even an individual assignment, school is never over.

One day down, three more to go. The possibilities are endless in the program, and we the class of 2016/17 know it is going to be worth our while.