[By Taylor Kolar]

Did you know that nearly half of Canada’s top 100 CEOs are not on social media? Pratibha Nanduri of ReadITQuik writes about this shocking statistic and how it can impact a CEO’s ability to communicate. Nanduri explains that almost half (47%) of top Canadian CEOs have no presence professionally or personally on social media. It is evident that these professionals are apprehensive to engage on social media.

Bob Pickard, principal at Signal Leadership Communication Inc., “found that 84% of Canadians were wary of social media’s impact on the public image of an individual or an organization.” This suggests why CEOs are not using social media platforms – they know that their every move is being monitored and that they could be potentially criticized for their social media footprint. As consumers, we expect more from the leaders of companies. We expect them to excel at using and managing social media because it’s at everyone’s finger tips. We assume that they will carry on with the trend of digital presence, since this is something that their own companies swear by for success. The public is holding these professionals accountable to keep up with societal and business trends.

Nowadays, we see a shift in the importance of a social media presence. This is a high priority for organizations, as it is another opportunity to reach their consumers. You would assume that Canadian CEOs would not only recognize but value the importance of social media. As a consumer, the public expects these individuals to be on social media because it shows that they aware of the tool and how it can drive their business. By putting your presence out there, it is showing that you are putting a face to your brand and investing in social leadership communication.

Gerry Schwartz, Bill Downe and Gerald T. McCaughey are examples of Canadian CEOs who choose to remain offline. Schwartz is the chairman and CEO of Onex Corporation, a private equity firm. Downe is an executive for the Bank of Montreal, while McCaughey is the former president and current CEO of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

(Photo by Sean MacEntee)