[By Marta Awad]

I don’t have to convince you that communications and public relations has changed and reinvented itself with the emerging digital world, social media and shrinking newsrooms. However, the industry is still as relevant as ever.

As the digital world continues to dominate, we can expect that in the future these examples of job opportunities may reflect the future of communications as a field. Here are some recent job opportunities that prove that as a communications professional your skills are still highly valued:


“Founded in 2014, Quartermaster is a digital home management platform. Users can keep track of their home assets and documents in one secure digital library and organize their contact book of trusted home service professionals.” (QuarterMaster 2016)

Content Marketing Specialist:

We’re looking at adding a key member of our marketing team. You’ll be helping us craft our brand story and help us improve our marketing strategy. We’re looking for someone resourceful with fresh ideas who is ready to create impact in a big way.

  • You have an eye for storytelling and have crafted stories for brands, products or blog
    • You’re an exceptional researcher who strives to know your audience
    • You can execute email campaigns, marketing campaigns from design to promotion
    • You are an excellent web writer with an understanding of SEO, usability, social media and copywriting
    • You are skilled with social media and understand what works best on each platform


“EventMobi is changing the way event planners create, market and manage their events, as well as how attendees experience events using their smartphones and tablets for thousands of events, conferences and tradeshows around the world.” (Eventmobi 2016).

PR and Social Media Specialist:

  • Develop key messages, press releases, pitches, and spokesperson prep material.
  • Develop daily content for and assist in the management of social media platforms and blogs.
  • Consistently monitor local, regional and national and international media
  • Build and foster media and influencer relationships that help generate awareness and interest.
  • Assist the Talent Acquisition team in developing and executing employer branding initiatives.
  • Measure results and impact of initiatives, including social media and media relations efforts, producing comprehensive reports.

As you begin your search for a new position try out some different keywords such as:

  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Content Writing
  • Community Manager

You will find that job positions that include those keywords require knowledge on social media platforms, blogging, storytelling, design, media relations and client relations. Just like a traditional communications job, it is still very much about conveying information, writing, research and strategy. The difference is that the platform on which you convey the information has changed.

(Stock photo via Pexels)