[By Gagan

As semester one comes to end, the next one promises to be exciting and nerve-racking. One of the best things about a two-semester program for Sheridan’s public relations students is the prospect of landing an internship by the end of the semester. The opportunity to pursue ambitions with a sound knowledge of writing leaves our students more than prepared to dive into the professional, working world.

It is important to apply to as many opportunities as possible. Here’s a piece of advice to my fellow peers: don’t make a permanent choice for a temporary problem; it’s good to have options and it’s better to explore all of them. If you’re open-minded while you look, a great experience will follow.

Many students fall into the trap of tunnel vision when applying to internships. Students often restrict themselves to companies that are well-known. Interning with a small, local radio station might not be as glamorous as interning with a big network TV channel, but the hands-on experience that you gain will be invaluable. Ultimately, when you reflect on your achievements, you want to feel proud of the experience you acquired and the decisions that you made.

If you miss out on an internship with your dream company, don’t let that stop you from re-applying in the future. Getting rejected by a company you love should only encourage you to try even harder to land the gig next time. In the meantime, diversify your experience and build on networking with the right people.

Start looking for your internship in early January; it will give you the opportunity to research and explore various companies. Moreover, it will be rewarding because you will have that time to filter out what you don’t need and keep exactly what you want when searching for the perfect internship.

With that being said, may the cards be in your favour!

(Photo by Flazingo Photos via Flickr)