[By Lindsay Butt]

It’s been a wonderful ride this semester in the Public Relations – Corporate Communications program. From understanding the foundations of a communications plan to executing client research presentations, it has been a learning curve that the PRCC students have handled with ease over these past 14 weeks. Here are the key take-aways from the fall term:

 Writing for Public Relations
Pitch letters and press releases are still relevant in today’s PR world. As long as you write with accuracy, brevity, clarity and an audience in mind, every piece of writing will be stronger and more effective.

Career Management
Students profiled PR professionals, held interviews with PR professionals and created portfolios for employers this semester. Students got a feel for the real world and cannot wait to dip their toes into it more in the new year.

Applied Communications Research
Primary and secondary research are essential in determining a client’s needs. Students now have no fear when it comes to Excel, pivot tables and data analysis. Collecting, understanding and using research and data have helped students create and implement effective client research projects.

Introduction to Public Relations
Every part of a communications plan has been dissected thoroughly thanks to professor Emily MacKenzie. From working on communications plans in teams, to writing them individually, every student feels confident about them. The students cannot wait to write and execute more plans in the new year.

Communication Technology & Design
Understanding Adobe Suite is vital in today’s industry. PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign were used hands-on this semester. This is now a vital skill employers are looking for.

Performance Techniques for Media Relations
As a PR professional, working side-by-side with the media is an everyday activity. Building good relationships with the media early on will make a PR professional’s job easier. This semester students built media lists, media relations plans and immersed themselves into press conferences to understand how the media works.

Law and Ethics for Public Relations
Language is extremely important when it comes to communicating on behalf of an employer or brand. The wrong choice of words could offend an audience and may leave you in an ethical or legal dilemma. The key to success is to know your brand’s key messages and stay true to them.

 Stay tuned for the PRCC student bios that will roll out in the new year.

 (Photo owned by Jennifer Hartman)