[By Brian Last]

Springtime is a great time: the seasons are changing, the trees are blooming, and there is a feeling in the air that anything is possible. Optimism is at an all time high, and students everywhere are graduating from post-secondary and looking to enter the job market. We bust out of school full of determination, ready to storm the beaches Normandy-style, but sometimes we hit a wall. I have been there, so I will share what I have learned.

1) Know When to Apply
According to the folks at Career Sidekick, there are peak times for hiring. January and February are the best times because companies are creating budgets, and filling in for leaves or summer vacations. So if you can, set up interviews while you are still in school.

2) The Mind, Body and Soul
Upon graduating, it’s natural to want to take a break. You worked hard and have earned the opportunity to rest. But be wary, because the novelty will wear off. The longer you are unemployed, the more depression and a decreased sense of self-worth will start to set in. To avoid this, it is important that you maintain a routine. Shower, wear acceptable clothes, go for jogs, volunteer. A positive support system will also keep you happy, upbeat, and motivated so network or even just spend time with friends. Overall, maintain healthy eating habits, proper bedtimes, and an organized living space to keep your spirits up while you slog through the hunt.

3) Fiscals
When entering the workforce, it is smart to prepare for a significant move. You may want to uproot to the closest metropolitan city, or escape to a rural oasis. Wherever you are moving, it is important to have at least two or three months rent and expenses saved up. Unless you have consistent financial support, working part-time while you are in school is in your best interest. If you have to work a summer job to save up, it’s okay. Remember: life’s not a race, it will start soon enough.

(Photo by Brian Last)