[By Vivian Sadeh]

Hundreds of thousands of people are getting ready to participate in the 7th annual #BellLetsTalk Day.

Over the past seven years, Bell Let’s Talk has become a well-known day in our society. Today, Bell users, along with the general public, will have a chance to raise money towards mental health initiatives.

Bell Let’s Talk has relied on its four key pillars, anti-stigma, improving access to care, supporting world-class research and leading by example in workplace mental health to raise over six million dollars for mental health initiatives.

Mental illness has become a topic of conversation and resulted in a need for action. One in five people deal with mental health issues at some point in their life. In order to overcome the stigma, we must open the floor for conversation.

For every text, call, tweet, Instagram or Facebook mention and Snapchat, Bell will donate five cents towards mental health initiatives.

When large companies invest in mental health initiatives, a positive light shines bright. This incentive has brought great recognition to Bell Canada, resulting in a more positive company image. Since this incentive has begun, many spokespeople such as Clara Hughes and Serena Ryder have become the face of the campaign, speaking about the signs of mental illness and how you can help put an end to the stigma.

Bell Let’s Talk has raised over six million dollars in community funding grants and reached over 500 million interactions on social media.

Bell Canada will extend this initiative for the next five years in hopes to raise 100 million dollars towards mental health incentives.

So… join the conversation, Canada, and let’s get talking and put an end to the stigma associated with mental illness today!

(Photo by Vivian Sadeh)